If you are planning to build in New Zealand get an estimate from Welhaus for your project today.Typically the new home or building process looks like this:

  • 1

    You own or are about to secure land to build on

  • 2

    You get in touch with us to get some initial advice

  • 3

    You appoint an architect or customize one of our designs to suit

  • 4

    You design your home, commercial property or community space

  • 5

    We calculate build costs

  • 6

    You and your architect obtain planning permission

  • 7

    We sign the fixed price building contract

  • 8

    You specify the buildings finishes at our factory or direct via Welhaus sales

  • 9

    Your local contractor builds the foundations

  • 10

    We deliver the building shell and work with an approved assembly company (our worldwide network)

  • 11

    Our network, or your local contractor completes the building internally

  • 12

    You can move into your new home, become more productive in your new building or play and learn in your new space


With you all the way

If you are in a research and development phase looking at the options available to you then you might wish to check availability of accommodation in one of the show homes we have from time to time. A crucial decision is whether you pick a pre-existing design which has had issues to do with time, cost and quality resolved and may have already been consented or whether you go for a completely new individual design with an architect of your choice.

Our aim is to offer clients the opportunity to trial a Welhaus before they themselves build their own, by staying in one of our show homes. We aim to look after you whilst you embark on the exciting journey that is specifying all the details for your new home. Our latest show homes are being developed in Central Christchurch (Manchester St, St Albans) and the Hill Suburbs of Christchurch (18 Millhill Lane, Huntsbury).

Your dedicated Welhaus consultant will lead you through every stage, from visiting our homes and developments to generate inspiration, to assisting you when choosing all the interior and exterior details for your house. You will find good advice and choice at the Welhaus Factory design room, where there is a considerable selection of fittings and finishes, chosen for their high quality and emphasis on health and sustainability under one roof for you to see, touch and feel; helping you to make a truly speedy, yet well- informed choice. You will also have the opportunity to design with our furniture experts your own custom-made furniture to ensure your home has the stamp of your personal vision upon it.

At the end of this process your home will be fully drawn up, detailed and priced, and you will be ready for the exciting next stage: the off-site build.

The Factory

The panels and joinery for the Welhaus’s pre-engineered homes and buildings are manufactured in its plant using assembly-line techniques. Completion of a flat pack home including joinery takes around 1 week using supply chain logistics and assembly testing in the main Woolston premises, located on the main motorway on the other side of the tunnel from the Lyttleton port, prior to shipping.

Homes are generally produced to fill orders; therefore, Welhaus does not maintain a significant inventory of home and building kits at its plant. Production of structural panels commence at the same time foundations are being laid so they are ready for assembly after inspector approval of the foundations. Independent carriers transport panels or modules to our nearest partner site or direct to the clients site in order to assemble seamlessly.

Welhaus’ plant operates on a one-shift-per-day basis, normally for a five-day week, with the capacity to produce double cavity wood panels using laminated NZ pine or douglas fir framing with ply bracing and recycled wool insulation plus internal joinery for 100 homes a year as a flat pack along with Cross Laminated Timber floors and ceilings on contract from another local factory.
Our manufacturing facility uses CAD technology linked to our machines to ensure precision for every home and commercial building we construct. Our factory is manned by expert craftsmen along with watchful eye of our project managers, engineers and architects to ensure the controls for quality exist throughout the process.

The principal materials utilized in the production of Welhaus’s homes are NZ Engineered wood panels, with NZ recycled wool insulation, diffusion material for airtightness, performance doors and windows, ply joinery, hardware items, Appliances, plumbing and electrical items. Welhaus purchases these and other items from a number of supply sources, and it believes that the materials and parts necessary for the construction and assembly of its homes will remain readily available from these sources.

Welhaus Transports Panels in Shipping Containers and Trucks to your destination to make up all parts of your Architect designed sustainable, zero carbon (including transport) house.

Fixed time scale and fixed budget


If you are planning to build in New Zealand request an estimate today for your project. Prices for residential housing start from around $3500 NZD per square metre, the cost estimate for the assembly of the average house abroad is very competitive. We can provide you with the cost of a particular Flat Pack Kit on its own, or for the entire build project bring and associated costs on your site in New Zealand, or internationally.

Transactions Types

A home-only transaction occurs where the home is placed on a site that the homebuyer owns. In instances where the homebuyer is borrowing funds to build their home, the land may be used as security for a bank which in turn may provide funds for drawdown payments based on an “as if complete valuation”. Payments for the new home are due at each agreed milestone payment date on invoice from Welhaus.


Fixed Price Contract

In most cases the minimum deposit for qualified purchasers of a land and building package would generally be 5% of the contract value. The price includes the stated cash sale price of the pre-built home, land and total build and land development cost including specialist consultants, consent fees, electrical, plumbing and connection costs.

The balance of the contract value is normally paid in full on completion on “turn key” completion of your home, typically financed by your bank via mortgage on real property security. Normally, the bank mortgage provides for equal monthly payments, generally over a period of seven to thirty years at fixed or variable rates of interest.

We will make you aware of all the typical aspects of the cost of building up front. We price from your Architects detailed specifications or our own based on your specific site, so that you can have confidence that the final cost will be within budget including a typical 10% contingency.

Within your fixed price contract there are normally set sums for items you may wish to change during the build process such as bench tops and bathroom cabinets. Your contract is fixed based on the agreed work and specifications but you can change specifications through out the build if you wish. You consultant will advise if your changes to the specifications lead to an increase or decrease in the fixed price so that the final outcome is controlled by you.

Prebuilt Home on your own land

With respect to approved purchasers of a pre-built homes, Welhaus requires a deposit in the form of cash and/or the estimated value of equity in real property pledged as additional collateral. The value of any real property pledged as additional security is estimated by Welhaus approved registered valuers. The average down-payment, would ideally be 25% or more of the purchase, as the complete structure of your house is built offsite while your foundations are being laid so Welhaus need to procure materials and commence offsite soon after the fixed price build contract has been agreed. The balance is normally paid in the form of Progress Payments arranged in conjunction with your bank based on a pre-agreed payment schedule arranged by Welhaus.

In summary the typical ways of funding your prebuilt home are by deposit and a small number of Progress Payments, when we are assembling a prebuilt home on your land, or deposit with balance payable on completion when purchasing a land and house package from Welhaus. Deposits are held in Welhaus Solicitor’s trust accounts and are dispersed on your behalf as part of the final drawdown.
Cash buyers can purchase the prebuilt design of their choice and it will arrive as a flat pack kit and for their contractors to assemble under instruction from Welhaus.

Welhaus Finance and Insurance Brokerage

If you meet lending criteria Welhaus can act as your Mortgage and/or Insurance Broker. Welhaus holds brokerages via its associated company Ahei Limited with major lenders and insurance companies.

Our Mortgage and Insurance broking process is:

  • We carry out thorough analysis, on the basis of which we prepare a finance and/or insurance offer/cover concept and then procures the required offer and/or cover on national or international markets,
  • We obtain finance and/or insurance offers, examines these offers and pass them on to you
  • We negotiate and optimize the contractual terms (extent of cover and price) of mortgage and insurance contracts,
  • We handle the administrative work and in the case of insurance we assist with the process of claims settlement.

In the case of international projects, we can, if required, engage co-brokers in order to ensure local support and assistance.

Vendor Finance

Welhaus may also be able to arrange vendor finance of up to 5% of build contract values if you are purchasing land and home packages from Welhaus, pledging land as security. Typically security involves a security over the chattels of the prebuilt home and/or a second mortgage with bank as a first.


Welhaus delivers Worldwide

For designs and pricing unique to your, or your clients, email or call a Welhaus representative today, you will be pleased you did.


Homes sold by Welhaus are delivered to the homeowners’ sites in kitsets by trucks . The purchase price of the home may include delivery and setup of the home at the homeowner’s site. Electrical, water, and gas connections are performed by licensed technicians employed by you unless part of a site we are involved in developing.

Some of the Finance Options described above may be available to international purchasers where Welhaus is involved as a developer or broker. Welhaus will consider international transactions on a case by case basis.

For more information just get in touch