Welhaus works with many different partners

Developers & Construction

Welhaus provides pre-engineered factory-built panels as a flat pack for your complete project. Constructed to be transported in panels or modules by container, your building is then craned into place, finished and services are connected.

Architects & Designers

We use professional architects and leading consultants and engineers to design every new scheme individually, whether it consists of four or four thousand new homes, in consultation with local communities, and strive to deliver schemes which are of high quality, sensitive to their heritage and surroundings and meet the aspirations of our customers and local and national stakeholders.

Home Builders

We create well-designed, high quality, safe and sustainable places which will endure as settled, vibrant communities long into the future. Welhaus manufactures a variety of single and multi-unit home options in a wide price range.

Government & Community

We have addressed the challenge of understanding what makes a successful place by implementing a framework to promote quality of life and strength of community, which we now apply to our schemes. Our Community Engagement Strategy reflects best practice and is referred to for all new schemes.

International: Import/Export

We are focussed on growing into international markets. Welhaus can supply it’s panelised construction solutions to worldwide on a long-term basis through well-established local developers, agents, partnerships, subsidiaries or on one-off, significant niche projects.

Our Story

The Welhaus Group builds homes and neighbourhoods. We seek to create beautiful, successful places. These places range in size from a few homes in urban centres to complex, mixed-use city regeneration schemes underpinned by our focus on individuality, safety, sustainability and quality.

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The Welhaus Story

The Welhaus Building System

Welhaus specialises in panelised construction, for residential, commercial, public and community applications.

We work with clients in a number of ways: we can supply design for your building and the ‘flat-packed’ panel kit for your building team to assemble; or work in with your architect to produce a bespoke design, just for you. Find out more